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Hi.  I'm Kristell.  

Human Design Coach ~ Believer in Magic ~ Advocate of Authenticity

I empower heart-centred individuals as they navigate toward a life aligned with their true authenticity.  

Feeling the demands of everyday life?  Navigating change?  Awakening to the possibilities your life holds?  

Coaching sessions hold the space for you to explore where you are now vs. where you want to go.

Human Design is a tool to bring greater awareness to the process.  

Am I the coach for you?  Let's have a coffee!  

Book a free discovery call today.  


One of my life's greatest joys is supporting individuals in their development.

I've been fortunate to do so in the corporate world as an executive assistant, in the classroom as an educational aide, in the studio as a yoga and dance teacher and in my personal life as a mom, mentor and friend.  I 
am a natural cheerleader and coach, bringing joy and positivity to all I do.

Combining training in Human Design and my coaching education, I aim to help others align with their true authenticity. I always say there are two sides to my being - the process driven, checklist me and the more esoteric, "woo-woo" me. When I embody both, my life flows.  

Let's get you in the flow, embodying all that you are.


Seeing people experiencing breakthroughs is the absolute best - like teaching kids how to read, something I've done a fair amount of. There's a look on their sweet faces when it all clicks.  A look of pure joy as if they've just received the keys to a secret palace.  I see this happen in my client sessions too.      


That's my aim for you - delight and joy when it all clicks.     

A CCA Certified Coach and lifelong learner, I hold a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calgary, certificates in Child Development, Yoga Instruction and Human Design and am a level II Reiki Practitioner. 

In my downtime you will find me cooking healthy meals for loved ones, reading with my dog, spending time in nature, enjoying live music and travelling with my family...especially by the ocean.

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