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Ready to Unearth your Magic?

Hi, I'm Kristell.

I empower individuals ready to take action to change what isn't working in their lives to make way for more of what is.

If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed or even disenchanted with aspects of your life, I'm here to help you unlock a life full of contentment, self-compassion and growth.  

I am a CCA Certified Life & Wellness Coach and Human Design guide, using these tools as the catalyst for heart opening conversations with my clients.  

Are you ready to step into your full potential?  Let's unearth your magic!

What Clients Are Saying

Two women meeting face to face for a life coaching or human design session.  One woman is smiling and the other is focused.

Coaching Client

"I gained a clearer understanding of how I perceive things and how to appreciate and see value in myself.  

My relationship with my daughter is prospering when I let go of how it should look for either of us. I am excited for this shift."

A man on the street wearing glasses and a hoodie is smiling ear to ear at the camera

Human Design Client

"The abundance of information blew me away.  I gained so much insight and learned so much about myself.  


I have come away with a deeper understanding of how I walk through life."

A man with glasses is looking to his right at a team member in a team meeting.  He is deep in thought during a facilitated human design coaching session or workshop.

Facilitation Client

"The session served as a catalyst to heart opening conversations between my team members that would have been more difficult without the type of gentle, insightful, responsive space created by this type of facilitation."

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