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Signature Human Design Program

Turn your magic all the way on

Doing Jigsaw Puzzle

Demystify Your Human Design

Are you ready to demystify your unique Human Design applying your learnings to all aspects of your life?

⭐️ Maybe you’ve heard about Human Design from a friend or colleague.


⭐️ Have you looked up your Human Design chart but feel overwhelmed by what you received? 

⭐️ Is your chart sitting in a drawer or gathering dust? 


⭐️ Perhaps you’ve taken a deeper dive and have some understanding of the aspects of your Human Design but need accountability integrating it into your life!

I see you. 


I hear this from clients all the time.  

The Demystify Your Human Design Coaching Program is for you if:

- You want to discover the gifts in your unique Human Design 

- You’re ready for support in aligning with your magic

- You want to better articulate your gifts, passions, and talents

- You’ve been on a journey of self-discovery and are deeply curious about how you tick

- You’re all about embracing authenticity 

- You are ready to overcome limiting beliefs and receive support in integration

Mountain Ridge
What you receive in this package:

- Four 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom

- Guidance on your Human Design chart properties

- Applications of your Human Design into your life and business.

- Reflective Practices like Mantra work, Journaling, Meditation and/or Visualization

- Ongoing VOXER support from me 

As your guide, I will demystify your Human Design, giving you a new perspective of how you walk through the world, allowing for self-reflection and integration throughout the process.

Our Sessions Together


  • Session 1: Review the properties of your Human Design chart and co-create a framework for our work together.

  • Session 2: Discuss the initial integration of your Human Design into your day-to-day life, dive deeper into new awareness, set goals, celebrating wins and discussing any challenges.

  • Sessions 3 & 4: Discover applications of Human Design to aspects of your life (career, mindset, family, partnerships, goals, values…the possibilities are endless!).

  • Note: Additional coaching sessions can be booked and invoiced as needed should you want to carry on.


The Demystify Your Human Design program will help you identify strengths hidden inside your Human Design, so you are able to embrace your authenticity, aligning with your natural talents in your personal and professional life.
Are you ready to articulate your deepest aspirations all while addressing limiting beliefs and obstacles?

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