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Branding by Design – Lessons from Human Design for Entrepreneurs

Do you have difficulty seeing yourself?  Does this effect how you communicate your offers and products effectively to your potential clients and customers?   As an entrepreneur or solopreneur, what if you learned there was a system you could use to better understand yourself and how you are designed to operate in your life AND business? Whoa, right?


In a recent Women Belong meeting, I presented Branding by Design to a group of global female entrepreneurs, offering insights on how Human Design profiles show us how we create + communicate offers and products. 


What Clients Say About Human Design

The awareness of our Human Design isn’t one and done.  This is an ongoing process of learning about ourselves and taking this new information out into our lives and businesses to experiment with it. 


After just one session, my clients often say they notice shifts in their self-talk, positive changes in their closest personal + professional relationships and giving themselves permission to live with greater authenticity.  This authenticity becomes the antidote to the overwhelm and stress most clients are experiencing when they reach out to begin working with me.  Sometimes clients are spending too much time in react mode and they learn the power in responding.  One client who runs a consulting firm learned ways of better onboarding clients to prevent mistakes and misunderstandings later in their working relationship. Another client gained a mechanism for recording ALL her ideas and creating aligned quarterly plans.      


In addition to creating and communicating our offers, Human Design provides information on how business owners make decisions, build effective teams, market themselves and complete sales calls. 

Could Human Design be the secret potion to busting through your entrepreneurial overwhelm?


My Own Journey as a Human Design Solopreneur

As an entrepreneur do you ever feel like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks?  Does this make you feel uncertain and overwhelmed?This has certainly been my experience until I began integrating my own Human Design into my life and work.  As a 1/3 Emotional

Manifesting Generator, I truly believe I am here to change the way people move through the world – with more grace, peace and joy! 

Two female entrepreneurs working on their laptops

Part of following this calling means fully embodying things I have researched and learned.  There is a tendency to want to arm myself with all the facts and information I can before sharing with the world.  Sometimes the accompanying self-talk sounds like “not enoughness” but breaking through this message means I can fully show up in service to others.   As an entrepreneur, if I waited to learn everything about the things I find interesting, I’d never have the time or energy to work with clients because I’d be too busy taking courses and studying. 

I need to have a mechanism where I can record all the ideas that I have so I can reflect on which ideas light me up enough to engage my energy on.  I also schedule time in my weekly calendar and quarterly plan for introspection and reflection.  The adverse of this is the tendency to stay in introspection and reflection for too long, hiding out in the background instead of sharing the knowledge I have.   


If I truly want to empower people to move through the world with more grace, peace and joy, I need to show them how I’ve done that myself. That’s my own Branding by Design.     

Branding by Design

In my recent Branding by Design presentation with Women Belong, I shared that each Human Design profile has a unique way in which it communicates business offers. My Human Design has so much to do with showing up authentically, being honest about the real-world challenges I’ve faced and overcome so that I can help others confront their own fears and feel empowered and steeped in their own authenticity. 

Want to know what your Human Design profile say about how you could better communicate your business offers?  Let’s Demystify Your Human Design!


How Human Design Supports You as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, how would it feel to have answers to the following:


  • Knowledge of what you are here to do and how to communicate it

  • How to show up authentically

  • How to break through any negative self-talk

  • What ideas to act on (and how to record the ones you don’t!)

  • Quarterly planning that is aligned with your unique design

  • Time management that supports your life and work

  • Clarified priorities so you can say yes to the right work

  • Permission to be fully you


If you’re ready to find clarity in your entrepreneurial journey by understanding yourself better, book a discovery call today Bust through the overwhelm and show up as your most authentic self, by design.

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