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How Human Design Works

Last month, I attended a couple of networking events and so many people said, “I’ve never heard of Human Design – how does it work?”   In one case, I presented to a group of female entrepreneurs (all of whom were new to Human Design!) on Human Design for Entrepreneurial Ease.  This turned into an opportunity to record a four-part podcast series with Crystal Reynolds of My Life Planners (check out episodes here).

So, in this month’s blog, I’m sharing how I use Human Design as a transformative coaching tool, using my Kitchen Table Conversation (aka podcast recording) with Crystal as a framework. 


Ready to understand the basics of Human Design and its impact as a coaching tool and to discover how this unique approach can set you up to thrive?  Let’s dive in!


Introduction to Human Design: A Coach's Perspective

Understanding Human Design through the lens of coaching means recognizing the importance of clients’ own self-discovery and personal growth. Human Design provides a comprehensive system for understanding oneself at a profound level, integrating various esoteric disciplines.

When chatting with potential clients I hear things like, “I pulled my chart and I’m so overwhelmed!” or “my friend told me I’m a Manifesting Generator and I don’t know what that means!” 


Because of this feedback, I’ve created my signature Human Design package – Demystify Your Human Design.  Read on to learn more!


The Power of Integration – How Human Design Works in Real Life


One of the definitions the google gods gave me for integration was “the process of combining two or more things in an effective way.”  The amount of information that we can receive from our Human Design chart is immense, but it’s what we do with it that matters. 


Remember learning the scientific method in grade school? Well, In my experience, integration of your Human Design looks like a scientific experiment.   For example, in a recent Demystify Your Human Design session, a client asked a question of me after observing interactions with their partner.  I pulled data from their Human Design Chart and together we made a hypothesis.  After the session, the client was encouraged to test the theory with some tools I provided and in our next session we will start off by analyzing the data (feedback is ALL data!) before developing a conclusion or digging in deeper. 


What you’ll receive from Human Design Coaching sessions with me is several useful tools, rather than limiting labels.  These sessions aren’t solely a Human Design reading, but a way to build self-awareness, gain understanding and take inspired actions after our sessions.    


Empowering Language - Human Design as a Framework


One of the greatest things about Human Design is its capacity to change the way we speak ABOUT ourselves and TO ourselves.  As an example from the integration of my Human Design, I’ve always had some negative self-talk around mistakes made with different career paths or jobs.   But – now knowing I’m a 1/3 Manifesting Generator means that I’ve developed a deep understanding of how and when I need to pivot, giving myself lots of opportunities to get curious, focus on learning and growth.  This is just one way my own self talk has changed!   


If all clients do is take some notes and shove them in a drawer, they’ve only learned some new labels about themselves, not utilizing the tools that truly build change.  Learning about your Human Design with a Life Coach means you get to articulate your deepest desires all while addressing limiting beliefs and obstacles. 


Coaching for Authentic Living: Embracing and Enhancing Your Human Design


Another question I get asked frequently is, “can I change my Human Design?”  The short answer is no.  Because your Human Design is derived from your birth date, time and place, and those things don’t change – your design won’t either.   Usually this is asked because something in someone’s Human Design doesn’t resonate with them.


The biggest reason your Human Design doesn’t resonate with you?  A lack of integration and time to experiment with it.  If all you’ve done is pull your chart and read the relevant chapters in a book, you likely don’t understand much more than the labels associated with your energy type, strategy, authority, and profile numbers. Here are a few of Crystal’s initial buds of awareness from what I am fondly calling my “Kitchen Table Conversations” on the Plan For Wonder Podcast:


  1. Human Design as a tool to learn about ourselves, but also how to collaborate better with others

  2. Awareness around inspiration and Crystal putting herself in positions to be inspired, especially as a creative solopreneur

  3. Giving ourselves permission to live more authentically

  4. Breaking the shame cycle + taming the inner voice

  5. Ease in relationships + communication

  6. Tools + tactics to express your energy type (to yourself and others)

  7. Time management techniques (especially using the myLife Planner tools)

  8. Clarity around aligned decision making


Demystify Your Human Design – What to Expect from Our Sessions


What if you learned there are jewels hidden in your backyard, but you needed a skilled archeologist to dig them up?  That’s how Human Design works!  The Demystify Your Human Design program will help you identify strengths hidden inside your Human Design, so you are able to embrace your authenticity, aligning with your natural talents in your personal and professional life. Over four 1:1 sessions you receive deep knowledge of your Human Design chart, support from a certified coach with integration of the learnings, ways to incorporate your Human Design into your day-to-day life, aligned goal setting, and awareness around your decision making process.


Within these sessions you might receive wisdom around how you and your partner are designed to communicate, how you could benefit from buying yourself time when making decisions, how you could improve your client onboarding experience, how you could shake up your routine – the learnings are endless! 


As your guide, I will demystify your Human Design, giving you a new perspective of how you walk through the world, allowing for self-reflection and integration throughout the process. Think of this as unearthing those jewels, buried throughout your Human Design. 


Truly embracing your Human Design and enhancing your relationship with it means you’ve committed to play and experiment, as though you’ve been given a chunk of clay to mold.  You are the sculptor and it’s your beautiful life – by design!


Things clients are saying about the process of Demystifying Your Human Design:


  • “I gained a clearer understanding how I perceive things”

  • “I appreciate and see value in myself after these sessions”

  • “I need to let certain aspects of my work fall away so I can step into my strengths”

  • “My sessions helped me come to a space of acceptance rather than questioning”

  • “I felt instantly at ease and left feeling excited and inspired for my next step in life”


Ready to turn your magic all the way on?  Book a connection call today and let’s Demystify Your Human Design! #humandesign #humandesigncoach #lifecoach #podcast #personalgrowth #professionalgrowth #selfdiscovery #demystifyhumandesign


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